Monday, October 8, 2012

playing catch up

I always feel like I'm playing catch up with this blog and I'm really going to hate myself one day when I don't have anything written down!  I really thought I would get better about keeping up with things once Charli got a little older, but you know how it is, something always comes up when you have a 2 year old.

We are having such a great time with Charli at this age. I know everyone says 2's are terrible but so far we love it! Don't get me wrong, we have tantrums, a lot of tantrums  and some days I am too scared to take her to run errands because I fear she will scream like a banshee, and then people will shake their heads at me and think, "why can't that woman control her child."  But the good days are just so good that I tend to forget about all the screaming and whining until it starts again the next day.  Charli's little personality has just gotten so cute.  She pretty much talks non stop and repeats everything I say throughout the day.  I used to talk on the phone a lot when I was driving, but now I can't because my child has a running commentary of everything she sees out the window.  Some days she even talks about the things she doesn't see.  I was asking a friend the other day if she thought I should be worried about the "things" Charli sees out the window, or if it is just her imagination this early.  While we are driving she will say things like "Mommy, I saw a deer! A deer and it just jumped over my head!"  We just decided she has a very healthy imagination. :)

Charli started "school" at the end of August.  It is a Mother's day out program twice a week from 9am-2pm.  Her first day of school she ran right in and barely said bye to me.  After I left I didn't even know what to do with myself.  I felt so guilty the whole first day, that I had just left my 2 year old with someone else for the whole day and I'm not even working!  But after that first day I have really gotten spoiled.  She loves it and really I do too.  She has already learned so much from being in school.  They work on a color and a number each day and she always comes home with the cutest little art projects and lots of stories to tell me.  She has also learned all sorts of new songs.  Sometimes we can figure out what song she is singing, but other days we have no idea!  Her all time favorite song is Jesus loves, melts my heart.

Her favorite thing to say right now is "oh no, what happened?" She pretty much says that 1 million times a day.  She has also stopped saying "no" so much and has replaced that with, "oh, ok."  After getting her dressed in the mornings a lot of days she will say, "I look so pretty!" haha cute now, but not going to be so cute in a couple years!

She still hates trying new foods, I have no idea how she survives sometimes.  Her diet really consists of any type of fruit, beans and rice, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, pb&j, turkey rolls, oatmeal, and granola bars.  Seriously.  It's like pulling teeth to even get her to try something new.  Makes me crazy!!

Now for the photo bomb....
Stuffing her face with goldfish before her first day of school 
She would not smile for us that morning!

Davy walking her into her first day of school

 For the past year or so we have been going to church on Saturday nights, so Sundays have turned into Sunday funday.  These were taken one Sunday morning in early September when we went to the aquarium.

She LOVES to pet the stingrays

Outside the aquarium there is a big field and she loves to run wild there

Playing her favorite game of tag

Love these two!
 She is going to kill me for posting these someday.  A lot of times if we are at home she is running around in just her panties with some kind of dress up item on.  These crack me up.


Jess said...

She is so sweet! 2 is such a fun age. It's work with the tantrums. I miss the baby stages sometimes but I really love talking to my kids and hearing their thoughts so from my experience even though in some ways its harder as they get older its so much better.
Enjoy your "free" time. I feel guilty someday too having it but the kids learn some much from being with other kids. And lets be honest a million things tend to fill up that "free" time.

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