Friday, July 20, 2012

2 years old!

I can't believe I have been putting off writing this blog post for a month!

Charli turned 2 on June 21st!!  I know, I know, I sound like a broken record, but seriously, how can she already be 2?!?!

This year we decided not to do a big birthday party.  I know most people think that's criminal, but seriously, at this age she really isn't going to remember it and she would probably have spent most of the party crying!  But we do have some really amazing friends, my friend Jessica invited us to come over the morning of C's birthday for breakfast, when we got there some of our favorite friends were there too!  It was so amazingly sweet of them to think of Charli and have that little get together.  

After our breakfast play date we met up with Davy.  I could not decide what to get C for her birthday, so we took her to Toys R Us and let her pick out something she wanted.  We came home with an automatic bubble blower that she is in love with!  After that we headed to the mall to eat her favorite lunch of chick fil a.  

Later that evening Uncle Robby and Aunt Joanna came over to help us celebrate for dinner.  We had Charli's second favorite food, of pizza then topped it off with some cake!  Rob and Jo got Charli her own little trampoline for her bday, so we spent the remainder of the evening putting it together then watching her jump like crazy!  She seriously loves that trampoline!  

So all in all I would say Charli had a very special 2nd bday!

I know most people say twos are terrible, but so far we are loving it.  Don't get me wrong, Charli is far from an angel and she definitely knows how to throw a royal temper tantrum, but there is also so much to love about this age.  Her little personality is just so funny! She is a sweet as can be, and has turned into a great cuddlier.  

Her vocabulary just continues to grow.  She has really gotten to the point that she can express most of what she is feeling and thinking.  Sometimes we just look at each other because we can't believe she can say so much!  She has also turned into a little copycat, that mostly comes out when she is playing with her stuffed animals or some bath toys that look like little hippos. The other night she was in the bath and she kept looking at her hippo and saying "No poopin in your panties, kay?" She literally said that to the hippo about 10 times!  Then a few nights after that we were all sitting on the couch and davy went to hug me, and she really really hates if he hugs or tries to hold my hand (jealous much?).  She kept telling him "I said no"  "Don't do dat" the last one that just about did us in was "Do you wanna spankin?"  Oh my gosh who is this child!?!  We couldn't even keep from laughing!  She is a little parrot!!

It's fun to look back at when she was a newborn and see how much her little personality was already showing.  She was a very high maintenance baby and when she wanted something she wanted it right then. She is still very much that way.  Very head strong, stubborn, and when she has her mind made up there is no changing it.  I can't wait to see how that develops as she grows into school age, then teenage and eventually an adult.  I know there will be trying times, but at the same time its exciting to see how that shapes who she becomes.

We are finally done potty training!  We still have the occasional accident, but for the most part we are accident free!  Pottery training this strong willed child was sooooooo hard!  There were days for a while that I wasn't sure that I made the right decision.  Pooping was a nightmare each and every time.  She would hold it for a few days then it would be so hard she would be scared to poop. Ahhh!!! But thankfully after a lot of coaching and telling her she had to growl like a bear while pushing (yes you do things you never thought you would do as a mom) she finally got it!!

There isn't a day that we aren't thankful for the miracle and the blessing that she is in our life.  We are truly trying to cherish each moment and not take any day for granted.

Eating her birthday pancakes at the Dunn's house

Headed to Toys R Us
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Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Girl!
 We love you!!


Jennifer said...

I loved reading this post! Charli is such a doll, hopefully I can meet her one day!

I told my mom to get S a bubble blower for his birthday (which is this Wednesday!). He loves bubbles. I love the idea of a trampoline, we might get that for him. That or a tricycle.

We got rid of the pacifier last week. We are going to work on getting him in a toddler bed soon (he climbed out of his crib a few weeks ago) and then we will tackle potty training. The 2's have lots of milestones!

Can you believe our babies are 2?

vodkainfusedlemonade said...

My son just turned 3 and he is starting preschool in the fall. I totally know how you feel about how quickly time flies. I just discovered your blog and am hoping to catch up on it this next week.


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