Thursday, February 2, 2012

19 Month Update

Whoa where did that last two months go?!?! I have started a few posts but they were all a little too sad, so they will probably stay in my archive folder.  Things here have been good.  Charli is growing up so much!  And her speech has just exploded over the past two weeks.   Last time I updated she was saying a handful of words, now she basically tries to repeat everything I say.  With her learning to talk there has been so much less screaming and crying in this house!  Now most of the time when she wants something she is able to tell me. Most people probably can't understand all her words, but since I am with her all the time, I am learning to understand "charli."

  • Her favorite thing to do right now is to go outside, she will stand at the back door on her tip toes trying to reach the handle and open the door! So far she hasn't been able to get it open, but I think we are only a couple weeks away from her opening it on her own. 
  •  This child basically has no fear, she is a maniac when it comes to slides.  I took her to a big park in Hixson on Monday and she kept going down the slides head first, and we aren't talking the little baby slides, these are the big kid slides! 
  • She is totally obsessed with looking at pictures on my phone.  If she sees my phone she starts screaming pictures!  She loves to point out her friends in the pictures.  I don't know where she learns this stuff but its crazy, we had not seen her friend Emersyn in a couple months and I showed her a picture of E on my phone the other day and she said "Emersyn."  Right now she can correctly name, Noah Blake, Emersyn, Ivey, Tripp, Uncle Robby, Uncle Austin, Uncle Noah, Alicia, Uncle "Iza", Nana (briana), Nana (my mom), Jojo and Daddy.
  • She has started calling Davy, Davy instead of Daddy.  He doesn't like that too much!
  • She has to sleep with her pink blankie and her pink bear
  • When she wants me to help her do something she says "help you"
  • Yesterday when I was chasing her around the house (one of her FAVORITE inside activities she kept saying "get you" I think because I am always saying I'm gonna get you!
  • We watch elmo videos on youtube about a million times a day.  She can't get enough elmo!
  • Dogs are still her all time fav animal!  She can spot one from miles away, we will be walking through the store and she will start saying doggie doggie, and it will take me a second to figure out there is a picture of a dog on the side of a package!!
  • She is a great snuggler in the morning when she drinks her milk.  It's going to make me so sad when she doesn't do this anymore! 
Words she says on a regular basis without being prompted, doggie, mommy, daddy, outside, get you, help you, elmo, pictures, look (loves to point at things out the window of the car and say look), truck, car, boat, baby, bear, blanket, milk, water, snack, cracker, stuck, love you, Noah (this girl must have a huge crush on Noah, she talks about him all the time!), publix (every time she says this it cracks me up, we pulled into publix the other day and she said it), thank you (when she hands me food off her tray that she doesn't like she says "thank you" when I take it from her), chicken, grapes, blueberries, miko, pug, yucky, poopie, pee pee, come, slide, shower, bath, up please, home (when I pull into the neighborhood she starts saying home, home, home), gymnastics (although its not too clear), running, and jumping.  I think that's it right now.  Wow I didn't realize her vocab was so big till I just tried to write it down!

We went to the doctor of her 18 month check up about a month ago. She was 20.6lbs and I can't for the life of me remember how tall she was.  But I do know she was in the 25% for height!  And had grown a couple inches since her 15 month check up.  

We are so thankful this baby girl and the joy that she brings to this house!

I'll leave you with a video from walmart today.  She played with one of these popper toys at her friend Noah's house yesterday, when we saw it at walmart she started screaming for it.  There was no leaving without it!


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Wow!! She is talking so much! How sweet! Wish we were there to hear her say it all! Miss you guys!

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